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The equipment for support of the Russian dual-purpose GLONASS system to be deployed in the U.S.
6 февраля 2013
Growing tension in U.S.-Russian relations did not keep the sides from reaching an agreement on an issue as important as placing equipment for support of the Russian dual-purpose GLONASS system on the territories of a number of U.S. states. Possibility of locating reference stations for the differential correction and monitoring system in the U.S. was brought up last fall – Russian delegation discussed this with their American colleagues at the ION GNSS 2012 International Conference on Satellite Navigation in Nashville, Tennessee. According to the Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos, the Americans have now, in principle, agreed.

|Izvestia, 6 February 2013|

NIS GLONASS signs Cooperation Agreement with major fixed telephony operators in India
24 декабря 2012

JSC “NIS” signed a Trilateral Cooperation Agreement with India’s Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL). The parties joined efforts for provision of GLONASS/GPS-based satellite navigation services in India.

JSC “NIS” and Tata Consultancy Services sign an agreement on strategic cooperation in navigation field; parties’ plans call for joint development and implementation of GLONASS/GPS-based services in India.
24 декабря 2012
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) became JSC “NIS” strategic partner in the sphere of software development and localization, systems integration and professional services, and development of products for Indian and other foreign markets.
GLONASS-equipped ICE&SAND expedition to the coast of Antarctica sets off from Moscow
21 декабря 2012
With the aim to pioneer a new path through Africa all the way to the Antarctica coast, ICE&SAND automobile expedition starts off at the end of December 2012 from Moscow. The journey will traverse four continents, 18 countries, and 46 cities. GLONASS-based satellite navigation equipment, provided by JSC “NIS”, will help travelers reach the Earth’s southernmost continent, identify their location, stay in touch from any point on the globe and closely maintain their chosen route.
JSC “NIS” developed a system for remote supervision and control over road transportation of hazardous cargo for Rostransnadzor
6 декабря 2012
Within the scope of the tender, previously announced by Rostransnadzor, NIS GLONASS developed a system for remote supervision of vehicles that transport hazardous cargoes (SRS-HC). For carrying out supervision and control functions over hazardous cargo transport, main Rostransnadzor Monitoring Center has been created and regional centers deployed in two pilot zones – Central and Sothern Federal districts
JSC “NIS” presents GLONASS-based solutions for the Asia-Pacific region.
3 декабря 2012
The conference Automated Transport Management Systems Implementation for Optimizing Logistics within the Asia-Pacific with an Emphasis on ITS and GNSS Application was held 27th through 29th of November in Sochi. JSC “NIS” presented the Sochi Logistics & Transportation Center and industry-sector projects at the Conference as examples of GLONASS-based solutions.


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